Given the opportunity, “try before you buy” is almost always the path to better purchasing decisions. When it comes to technology, taking advantage of a trial can be especially important because of the time, resources and costs associated with implementing and integrating new solutions into your IT environment.

SaaS and cloud-delivered solutions make product trials a viable option for technology providers. Cisco, for example, has eased the trial process of its cloud-based security offerings with a simple sign-up process, allowing for test drives before a purchase. But how can you be sure you are making the most of your trial and getting the thorough evaluation you truly need?

To help you amplify your solution trials, Sirius offers White Glove Trials for Cisco Security solutions. When you start your trial with us, we work with you to tailor the trial to your desired outcomes, aligning it with the needs of your business.

5 steps to an enhanced trial experience

Sirius White Glove Trials are available to new and existing Sirius clients. For a limited time, we are offering this as a complimentary service. When you start your Cisco Security solution trials with Sirius, we work closely with you through the full trial period. The key components of this service include:

  1. Scoping Session: Your White Glove Trial starts with a meeting with Sirius experts to understand your goals so that your trial experience is aligned to help you achieve them.
  2. Installation/Provisioning: Sirius provisions your trial to coordinate with the outcomes identified during the initial White Gloves Trial meeting.
  3. Team Trial Enablement: Sirius conducts a workshop (up to 3 hours) to familiarize your team with the features and capabilities of the trialed solution.
  4. Progress Review: Sirius engages with you throughout the trial period to keep the trial on schedule, answer your questions, and to help you measure and manage the success of the trial.
  5. Performance Evaluation: At the end of your trial, your Sirius team will meet with you to review and evaluate the performance of the trialed solution. We will work with you on next steps, whether you choose to implement the solution or move in a different direction.

Sirius offers 30-day White Glove Trials for numerous solutions in the Cisco Security portfolio, including:

  • Duo – Access security platform with multi-factor authentication
  • Umbrella – Cloud-delivered network enterprise security
  • Stealthwatch Cloud – SaaS-based private network monitoring

Why Sirius for security?

Sirius leverages our broad expertise across the enterprise as a leading technology integrator to provide a comprehensive approach to optimizing your security posture. This broad-lens perspective powers our collaborative partnership with you. We consider the full scope of your security program to help you manage, optimize, secure and transform your business.

Sirius Security by the numbers

  • $40M state-of-the-art Technology Enablement Center with 50+ engagements annually
  • 400+ professional security engagements a year, logging over 200,000 hours to client work
  • One of the top security integrators in North America
  • Deep expertise in technology infrastructure and operations, security aligned with improved business outcomes, cloud solutions and managed services for scalable, reliable alternatives, and digital and data solutions that drive business innovation

Why Sirius for Cisco?

Sirius offers expertise, experience and knowledge across the Cisco Security portfolio:

  • Gold-level certified Cisco partner recognized for:
    • Advanced Customer Experience Specialized
    • Master Specialized in Collaboration
    • Master Specialized in Data Center and Hybrid Cloud
    • Master Specialized in Networking
    • Master Specialized in Security
  • 2,000+ Cisco sales and technical certifications
  • Expertise to align Cisco solutions to desired business outcomes
  • Specialization in Cisco Enterprise Agreements
  • Knowledge and support for the full Cisco solution life cycle
  • Experienced in integrating the complete Cisco Security portfolio
  • Professional services designed to assess, implement, optimize and validate Cisco solutions
  • 24×7 Managed Security Services for Cisco solutions

Your better technology trial experience is waiting

Ready to leverage Sirius’ world-class skills and proven methodology in your Cisco Security technology trial? Get started here.

If you’d like to learn more about our White Glove Trials offerings or would like to talk to a Sirius Security expert, contact us today.