Every year Veritas considers its top U.S., Canada, and Latin America partners for its Partner of the Year awards, which recognizes excellence in innovation, growth and performance throughout the year. This year, Sirius was named Veritas’ Top New Business Growth National Business Partner: U.S. in recognition of achieving the largest growth in new business revenue as a Veritas National Partner in 2020. The award recognizes Sirius for representing the entire Veritas portfolio, delivering extensive enablement efforts through technical staff, and a strategic focus on healthcare via the Sirius Healthcare solution practice.

According to Sirius Director of Strategic Initiatives for Healthcare Management Rachel Weissberg, “We place a lot of value on our partnership with Veritas. Our team has worked hard not only to grow the Veritas business but also to better understand Veritas solutions and how they fit with our business. Partnerships such as this one enables Sirius to serve as a trusted subject matter expert to our clients and demonstrate solutions that benefit their complex electronic health record (EHR) systems, extensive data retention requirements, and rapidly growing healthcare data management needs. Veritas helps us with those needs. Thank you Veritas for the partnership and for honoring Sirius with this award.”

Sirius provides top-tier healthcare solutions sourced from world-class technology companies. As a Veritas Platinum Partner, Sirius has a national team of experts dedicated to helping clients improve quality of care, protect healthcare information, instill data governance and ensure availability. Together, Sirius and Veritas work to help healthcare organizations advance their data management strategy to protect confidential information, instill data governance, and ensure availability both on premises and in the cloud.

Sirius experts collectively hold a more than 70 Veritas certifications, including certification specializations in NetBackup, NetBackup Appliances, and InfoScale to name just a few. These specializations set Sirius apart as an expert in IT healthcare solutions. In addition to partnering to provide healthcare-specific solutions, Sirius and Veritas work together to offer multicloud, data visibility, data protection, data and workload portability, storage optimization, business continuity, and digital compliance solutions.

Veritas Partner of the Year awards reflect the company’s top channel partners for their contributions to Veritas’ business, and are selected based on their overall performance in revenue growth, program adoption, excellence in technical innovation, and strategic implementation of Veritas solutions. All award recipients are selected by Veritas. As a Veritas partner, Sirius helps our clients create best practices and enable solutions that support their current and future business needs.

For more information on how Sirius and Veritas can help your business advance its business and healthcare solutions, contact a Sirius expert today, or visit our website at www.siriuscom.com.