Successful businesses leverage scalable processes and automation that enable their people to deliver higher-quality products and services than the competition. This often means running operations as if they were a franchise:

  • Business processes are standardized
  • Processes are automated, scaled, and leveraged across the organization
  • Employees are able to succeed by using the franchise system, not fighting it

For leading software organizations, “franchising” processes, tools and automation delivers incredible results, including increased productivity and time for innovation. While others are creating and chasing defects, leading organizations are delivering more features and functionality to their customers.

Sirius calls such a system for changing systems an “Agile Software Factory.”

In his book “Good to Great,” Jim Collins writes that “Good-to-great companies built a consistent system with clear constraints, but they also gave people the freedom and responsibility with the framework of that system. They hired self-disciplined people who didn’t need to be managed, and then managed the system, not the people.”

In “The E Myth Revisited,” Michael Gerber writes that the key to growing a successful business is for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers to work on the system, not in it

Unfortunately for many companies, they do not have an Agile Software Factory system for changing systems in place. As a result, managing work through the organization is haphazard, quality is poor, the business is frustrated, and employees are burnt out.

Three Dimensions of an Agile Software Factory

1. Application modernization & containerization

For application modernization & containerization, an Agile Software Factory will utilize microservices-based architectures, decentralized service integration, progressive apps, and serverless compute.

2. Agile & DevOps transformation

For Agile & DevOps transformation, an Agile Software Factory will utilize a mature Agile scaling framework such as the Scaled Agile Framework or Disciplined Agile.

3. CI/CD automation

For CI/CD automation, many options are available to an Agile Software Factory, including Microsoft Azure DevOps/GitLab Enterprise, the Atlassian Suite, and the HCL DevOps Suite, among many others.

Why Sirius for your Agile Software Factory?

With hundreds of experts in Agile/DevOps transformation, containerization, API management, automation and digital transformation, Sirius is uniquely positioned to help clients on the entire Agile Software Factory journey.

For more information on how to establish an Agile Software Factory in your organization, please speak to your Sirius representative or contact us.