The borderless perimeter has created additional points of entry to your network that need to be protected. Endpoint security is among the frontline defenses in the fight against cyberattacks that originate outside physical boundaries. Layering on protections over time in reaction to the growing need for remote access can create an overly complex, resource-draining solution.

Threat intelligence plays a significant role in understanding what is happening and what is likely to happen in today’s threat landscape. Many of the leading developers of threat intelligence solutions provide ongoing research and analysis to help keep IT teams informed. 

Current trends in cyberthreats

The CrowdStrike Global Threat Report is an example of available research. Their 2020 report has been released and provides a global perspective on threats that are affecting organizations, their employees and their customers. The CrowdStrike team provides a deep analysis of the trends they observed in 2019, but the report doesn’t stop there. Along with a review of the ever-evolving tactics and techniques used by attackers, it also provides practical recommendations your team can implement to protect your organization.

These ongoing trends were identified:

  • Increased ransomware attacks on high-profile, high-reward targets continue to cause business disruptions, and ransom demands have been in the millions.
  • Stolen data is being weaponized to increase the likelihood of ransom payments by targeted organizations.
  • The e-crime sector continues to evolve and mature.
  • Financial institutions worldwide continue to be prime targets.
  • Malware-free attacks are increasing and in 2019 were more prevalent than malware attacks.
  • State-sponsored attacks are increasing and continue to be focused on gathering intelligence and fostering discord in communities. Many also seem to be working in collaboration with e-crime factions.

Turn threat intelligence into threat prevention

Threat intelligence can provide your team with current updates of new and evolving attacks. But following intelligence feeds regularly and being proactive can be a full-time job. For IT teams that don’t have the time or skills to use this intelligence, not much is gained. In these situations, most teams benefit from a robust solution or third-party support that can leverage threat intelligence to respond as needed.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon Platform goes beyond malware to prevent all attack types. It brings together a cohesive set of cloud-delivered technologies in a powerful but lightweight solution that unites next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint protection and response (EDR), cyberthreat intelligence, managed threat hunting, vulnerability visibility, and security hygiene.

The combined features available in the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform have enabled organizations to:

  • Deploy Falcon easily without the need to reboot the endpoint.
  • Replace legacy and signature-based AV products with Falcon Prevent.
  • Reduce their endpoint management footprint with a single, lightweight agent.
  • Support a broad variety of operating systems including Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Meet numerous compliance and certification requirements.
  • Rely on Falcon Insight for visibility across endpoints to achieve faster incident response and remediation times.
  • Ease staff resource burdens by removing the need to maintain, manage or update on-premises infrastructure.
  • Utilize indicators of compromise (IoCs) and live indicators of attack (IoAs) to identify adversarial activity and behaviors in real time to not only detect attacks, but also stop them.

Modernize your endpoint security with Sirius

Sirius is an Elite Partner in the CrowdStrike Elevate Partner Program, and our national team of security experts holds numerous Falcon Administrator certifications. If your organization is ready to reduce both cost and complexity, the Sirius Security team can help you modernize and mature your endpoint security with CrowdStrike’s single, lightweight agent. Reach out to your Sirius representative or contact us today to get started.