There are many words to describe 2020. “Transformation” is certainly toward the top of the list.

Organizations have been called upon to transform and pivot faster than they ever have before. And here are some examples of how Sirius has helped.

Repurposing appliances for remote access

One Sirius client had an employee who tested positive for COVID-19 on a Friday, forcing them to shut down their building and get 3,000 additional remote users online by Monday. Working over the weekend, on good faith without a statement of work, Sirius consultants quickly redeployed two new F5 BIG-IP 5800 load-balancers we had previously sold them for a different project. They were up and running in record time.

Increasing bandwidth

In another example, a large state government announced additional unemployment benefits due to the coronavirus. This caused a huge surge in website visitors that overwhelmed their mainframe. To support our client, we quickly activated On/Off Capacity on Demand on the mainframe to meet the additional demand.

Optimizing cash flow

With these sudden shifts affecting business and our world, cost efficiencies have also become increasingly important. Cash preservation, operational cost reduction and spreading out cash flows are vital to helping organizations stay afloat during the events caused by COVID-19.

One of the nation’s leading providers of home medical services needed to extend critical maintenance coverage on expiring network infrastructure, but had cash-flow concerns. We extended payment terms over nine months, helping the company over their cash crunch without creating any new debt obligations on their balance sheet.

Extending payment terms

A large Midwestern community hospital had critical security infrastructure support that was expiring and needed to be extended. As with many healthcare providers, COVID-19 had severely impacted their revenues. We provided extended payment terms so the client could continue their coverage while spreading out cash flows over three years.

Whether this represents the new normal or not, it is typical of what’s happening right now. And we’re all transforming to rise above it. That’s why Sirius has assembled the Brightest Minds in the Business to help your company succeed. Whether you’re looking for solutions related to remote workers, security, IT resiliency, healthcare, creative financing or cost optimization, we’re here to help you overcome the challenge.

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