With more and more companies moving away from traditional on-premises IT models, Microsoft Office 365 has quickly become the new standard for enterprises as they look to transition their Microsoft application workloads to the cloud.

This shift to cloud-hosted software solutions causes many companies to fall under the notion that backup is no longer necessary for their Microsoft applications, when in reality, that assumption could not be further from the truth.

Companies still need to take precautions against the risk of users accidentally—or maliciously—deleting emails and removing or losing OneDrive or SharePoint files.

The importance of third-party backups

Did you know that Microsoft backup policies cannot guarantee a complete and speedy restore of lost or corrupted Office 365 data? Microsoft even advocates for third-party backups and specifically recommends them in their services agreements, encouraging regular third-party backups to protect stored content and data.

So where can you go for help? Sirius Managed Services Backup as a Service (BaaS) capabilities offer end-to-end, fully managed services for backup and recovery to help protect your essential Office 365 data. Sirius provides the hardware, software, maintenance and labor associated with the delivery of the service, providing you with peace of mind that your data is protected and readily available should you need to access it.

Be confident in your protection with Sirius BaaS

Our BaaS solution, built on a single platform powered by Commvault, allows Sirius’ team of data protection experts to safeguard all of your Office 365 assets and give you the assurance that your data is fully protected and recoverable with industry-leading Office 365 backup and recovery.

With Sirius BaaS, clients have fully managed and automated backup configurations of Office 365 mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint in a secure environment, enabling companies to have greater control over the recoverability of their data in Office 365. For example, entire mailboxes can be recovered, or singular mailbox items such as individual folders, contacts, or calendar entries can be retrieved. Clients can rest easy knowing they can quickly recover from data loss should the need arise.

Our BaaS doesn’t stop at Office 365. Companies have massive amounts of data outside of Microsoft platforms that can also benefit from our backup and protection solutions. You rely on data to run your business, and as your data grows and demand for IT performance increases, so does the burden of managing, storing and backing-up your critical information. Sirius can develop and employ a comprehensive BaaS plan to address and protect all your data, across your many platforms.

Flexible service options

Sirius BaaS offers customized retention periods to help your business retain critical data if your organization falls under regulations with data-retention requirements. Our BaaS solution also gives clients the ability to scale up or down on-demand to add newly created Office 365 accounts to backups, or—if an employee leaves the organization—easily store their email and shared documents without their Office 365 subscription fee. Our BaaS solutions are available in specific packages to best meet your data protection needs and budget. Mix and match, or customize a package for a specific application, based on your unique requirements.

Additional benefits

The Sirius BaaS solution can help safeguard your Office 365 data against ransomware attacks by deploying advanced foundation and application hardening, as well as providing anomaly detection and data isolation through an air-gap copy. Other benefits include:

  • Recovery from accidental deletion or corruption of data
  • Recovery from a complete server, virtual machine and/or infrastructure failure
  • Options for redundant or off-site data copies
  • Options for the long-term retention of data
  • The ability to replace tape and other legacy backup solutions
  • Robust reporting capabilities and service metering

When it comes to protecting your company’s most valuable data, you don’t want to go with second best. Sirius Managed Services has ranked No. 1 for the past three years in what is widely viewed as the industry’s most comprehensive global survey of managed service providers (MSPs), the Channel Futures MSP 501.

Visit our Managed Services solutions page to learn more about BaaS, as well as other Sirius Managed Services capabilities that can help position your business for success in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving IT world.