Many organizations move from a traditional data warehouse to a hybrid or cloud-based data warehouse to help alleviate their struggles with rapidly expanding data, new users and use cases, and a growing number of diverse tools and applications.

Using a modern data platform that fits your organization’s needs is necessary to ensure that you can efficiently access and manage your data. Snowflake, a data warehouse built specifically for the cloud, is one popular option. Snowflake helps eliminate many of the common issues data professionals face because it supports structured and semi-structured data, scales massive concurrency without limit, and boasts secure, live data sharing. It is a complete SQL database, and as a SaaS offering, there are no infrastructure or management costs.

The Snowflake architecture includes centralized storage that grows without adding nodes, so you never run out of space. It separates compute and storage to instantly scale up or down, and to turn off resources when not in use. Snowflake also offers complete workload isolation for ETL, reporting, data science, and applications, which all run without contention.

You can make Snowflake even easier to use by integrating the platform with ThoughtSpot, a search and AI-driven analytics tool. ThoughtSpot is designed to enable anyone in your organization to answer their own data questions using a Google-like search interface. There’s no need to write any SQL code or have AI uncover hidden insights. Ask questions in natural language using ThoughtSpot’s SearchIQ and get your answer plus “related” insights that can help you uncover answers to questions to you didn’t think to ask.

ThoughtSpot is also designed to make it easy for anyone to make interactive dashboards, enabling you to choose what insights to share with your team using colorful widgets.

With ThoughtSpot for Snowflake, you can create a direct connection that allows you to select and preview columns from each Snowflake table. You can also import table relationships and joins automatically, and search to get granular insights from Snowflake. With Snowflake’s live queries, you get answers on the most updated data since there is no batch process or data caching required.

With built-in capabilities to handle complex data schemas at scale, there’s no need for pre-built cubes, pre-aggregations, or SQL query tuning, saving BI teams months of data modeling and performance optimizations. Connecting ThoughtSpot and Snowflake is a simple 3-step process. Watch this video for a quick overview of the process.

Every solution we provide is integrated, implemented and supported by our highly certified consultants, using proven methodologies. We are proud to provide Matillion, Snowflake and ThoughtSpot consulting and professional services as one of our proven-solution bundles.

If you need help harnessing the power of your data and integrating AI-driven intelligence, contact us. We offer a variety of data and analytics solutions to help your organization execute a modern data strategy.