When it comes to business-critical IT, it’s not a good idea to invest in a solution before knowing how well it can deliver for your business. That’s why Sirius offers on-site briefings at our Technology Enablement Centers (TECs), where clients can evaluate technical solutions and understand integration and migration issues prior to moving those solutions into their production data centers.

At a Sirius TEC, you can analyze your current business and IT processes, experiment with a range of hardware and software options, explore the potential of IT solutions, and identify opportunities for improving business performance.

Get the benefit of a TEC briefing, from the comfort of your office (or home)

If you’re not able to visit a Sirius TEC, a TEC Talk is the next best way to get an inside look at a solution.

TEC Talks are live webinars usually consisting of a technology overview, a detailed product review of the solution, an architecture and business initiative recap, and potentially one or more product demonstrations.

Hosted by developers, architects, engineers and IT consultants, TEC Talks are designed to give viewers a better understanding of the capabilities or functionality of a featured solution without ever having to leave their workspace.

Typically, these 60-minute TEC Talks will provide viewers an opportunity to:

  • Discover how a proposed solution can be set up, configured and managed in a simulated production environment
  • Become familiar with deployment processes and configurations of that solution
  • Review best practices and examine architecture designs with a technology expert
  • Examine the product portfolio for small, midsize and large enterprise deployments

Who should attend TEC Talks?

TEC Talks provide valuable insights to managers, engineers and architects who would like to learn more about the features and benefits of the solution, but anyone who is interested is welcome to join. There is no limit on the number of attendees, all TEC Talks are free to attend, and there is no sales discussion or commitment on the part of the viewer.

The intention of TEC Talks is to teach IT leaders what is technically possible, to let participants experience the way that different IT options could potentially work in their own environment, and to impart the knowledge that they need to make sound IT investment decisions. 

You can also watch past TEC Talks on demand 

To watch past TEC Talks or to register for an upcoming one, visit the TEC Talk hub. To learn more about Sirius Technology Enablement Centers or TEC Talks, be sure to speak with your Sirius representative or contact us today.