Everyone at Sirius is focused on our clients and our employees during this crisis. Over the past several weeks we have been working with clients to enable or expand work-from-home strategies, accelerate projects to avoid supply chain issues, extend staff resources with managed services, and save cash.

A history of financial expertise

Sirius Financial Services is standing by to help our clients any way we can. We have been providing financing solutions for over 40 years, and have access and deep experience with low-cost and flexible funding offerings available from both OEM and industry sources, as well as direct from Sirius. With a vendor-agnostic approach, our financing experts can be of unique value in helping you identify and develop financial alternatives that work best for you.

As you work through this current situation—and work to establish a competitive advantage in the aftermath—we have offerings to help with not only your technology needs but also your business issues, such as reducing current expenses, conserving cash, inserting capital, and leveraging extended payment plans to extend useful life. Our goal is to help you implement and maintain the solutions you need, in the manner most appropriate for your business in these new realities.

Financing options focused on business outcomes

For example, with approved credit we’ve helped clients convert annual contract renewals into multiyear agreement to reduce overall costs and cash outlays in 2020. In addition, we are working with clients to customize payments to conserve cash in 2020, often at 0% interest. Our model is to develop an in-depth BAU/TCO analysis to assist our clients in understanding the true financial impact for both capital and operating expenses for each fiscal year. This approach gives valuable options to preserve cash in 2020, while prioritizing key corporate and business initiatives. By working with our clients, we have also provided crucial capital by buying their assets at book value and including them in the new technical and financial solution. And our ability to develop meaningful consumption model financing that aligns costs to actual usage enables increased flexibility.

We’d like to understand your current business challenges to mutually determine if our capabilities are a fit, and if we can assist in this current economic environment. For more information about all the options offered by Sirius Financial Services, speak with your Sirius representative, visit the Financial Services page on siriuscom.com or contact us to schedule a call.