A healthcare system needed to respond rapidly to the COVID-19 pandemic with pop-up drive-through testing sites. But first they needed a way to secure network connections between testing sites and their data center.

To help, Sirius developed a technology-agnostic solution with secure network connections between drive-through clinics and their data centers. The solution made it possible for the drive-through clinics to safely access the healthcare client’s EHR system and verify patient identity, register patients, update patients’ health records, track testing results, and notify patients and physicians of results.

Here are some specifics on the solution, which is featured in greater detail in this Sirius case study and corresponding Sirius technical white paper.

  • The network system allows remote clinicians to access and update from a site with power but no remote infrastructure or IT services.
  • Sirius provided the first two of five potential solutions within an hour of the client’s request. Field testing took place immediately, and equipment orders were placed later that day by Sirius.
  • Sirius provided the client with a way to quickly deploy the technologies needed for the pop-up clinics, and in doing so, kept pandemic testing activities away from the greater healthcare system to reduce the spread of the virus.

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