VMware released its long-awaited new partner program, Partner Connect, in late February 2020. VMware Partner Connect reimagines the way VMware can deliver simplistic and innovative solutions with Sirius.

Sirius, which now holds the highest rank of VMware partners—Principal Partner—strives to maintain excellence within all VMware categories and to serve as an industry leader for its clients.

According to VMware, Principal Partners will be the most capable, go-to partners to help clients identify and implement the ideal solutions, as Sirius and VMware continue to drive joint business planning and develop opportunities together.

Sirius currently holds four Master Services Competencies—Data Center Virtualization, Digital Workspace, Network Virtualization and VMware Cloud on AWS—with more in the works. Master Services Competency partners have demonstrated the ability to deliver proven and validated professional services deployments for VMware’s continual growing portfolio. They provide the broadest capabilities across advanced VMware solutions, and work to accelerate client time-to-value with exclusive access to delivery-oriented intellectual property.

Sirius is dedicated to continuously investing in its most valuable resource—its people—and understands there is more to successful delivery of complex VMware solutions that cross skillsets and products than just certifications alone. This is one of the reasons why Sirius invests in its Integration Center, which brings education and operational excellence together to develop a hands-on approach to training for internal Sirius engineers and its clients.

The partnership between Sirius and VMware continues to focus on extending the value to local regions and offices. Training the field to understand the inner workings of VMware’s portfolio, along with the ability to align with other Sirius offerings, delivers a higher value to clients.

This also allows Sirius to build managed services offerings around data center and cloud. Through this intense focus on training at the regional level, Sirius developed an internal and cross-region training program, which ensures that all pre-sale engineers and sales executives are trained for the entire VMware portfolio.

Through the years, Sirius has developed its own methodology for handling complex client projects. With a focus on healthcare, we developed the “Sirius Digital Clinical Foundation” based on VMware Workspace ONE, the intelligence-driven digital workspace platform. The offering integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management, and is available as a cloud service as well as on-premises.

The Sirius and VMware partnership continues to develop and evolve. Sirius works closely with VMware executives to discuss business growth and alignment strategies, while our marketing department also plans industry-leading events for clients that are impactful and educational.

Sirius has demonstrated 20/20 vision in its partnership with VMware this year, and in growing client demand for excellence in delivering on the ever-growing VMware portfolio. In 2020, Sirius and VMware are focused on four pillars of growth: virtual cloud networking, cloud, hyperconverged solutions and digital workspace. We will continue to work with VMware’s executive leadership and the channel to focus on continuous developments and bringing strong professional and managed services to our clients.

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