Many healthcare organizations are planning for—or have already begun—the process of rolling out pop-up or mobile COVID-19 clinics to support expanded coronavirus testing. As witnessed with the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and other events that have impacted patient health on a large scale, we anticipate these mobile clinics will result in healthcare organizations’ reconsideration of strategy as it relates to IT resource reallocation, as well as the shifting of capital and operational funding.

The predominant pop-up clinic model we are currently seeing is for drive-through testing, while some organizations are also preparing for remote clinics outside of hospital property, as well as mobile clinics.

To best support your organization’s mission during this challenging environment, we strongly encourage you and your teams to carefully consider and prepare for the following items:

  • Sourcing, imaging and rapid deployment for end-user computing (EUC) and mobile devices
  • Sourcing and logistical support for network infrastructure and access points
  • Acceleration of network infrastructure deployment at remote clinical access points
  • Support for IT security and risk mitigation for mobile clinics
  • Data center capacity planning for remote network and user access
  • Remote technical support for IT operations
  • On-site technical resources for rapid deployment and operational IT support

Sirius has dedicated teams of healthcare technology, business continuity and integration experts who have extensive operational experience and technical expertise in these areas, and can discuss your organization’s specific requirements and help you respond as needed. We are here to help, so please speak with your Sirius representative or contact us today.

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