Why is 2020 expected to be the Year of IT Resilience? Because today more than ever, organizations large and small are demanding:

  • Decreased downtime: How does one address the exponential costs associated with downtime?
  • Cyber-resiliency: The constant growth and ever-evolving nature of threats is staggering.
  • Continuous data protection: Snapshot-style solutions leave gaps in operational efficiencies and data protection.
  • Convergence of disaster recovery and backup solutions: Many solutions are consolidating functions into holistic “data management” platforms.
  • Cloud expansion capabilities: Solutions are gaining flexibility and cost savings to meet current and future needs on/off-prem and in the cloud.

Simply put, businesses need to stay ahead of digital business demands, and that means being more IT resilient—and partnering with technology integrators whose methods are tried and true is key.

From evaluation and design to implementation, financing and managed services, Sirius can help you develop a successful data protection strategy to optimize application and service delivery, while safely migrating, managing and running applications for the purposes of data protection, recoverability and resiliency.

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