It’s the most wonderful time of the year—a time for celebrating, for looking back on where you’ve been, and looking ahead to what’s next. A big part of evaluating what’s next for your business or organization is staying abreast of new trends and adopting those that make sense for you, especially where business technology is concerned. What are the biggest emerging technology trends and how will they change the way you do business?

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 in a recent report. Three out of those ten relate to, you guessed it, artificial intelligence (AI). Despite fear around what the future of AI may or may not bring, it’s use cases and potential for improving our research, our ability to detect and prevent threats and failures, our operational strategies and efficiencies and more are creating disruption and breakthroughs in healthcare, manufacturing, and the business economy. And these three emerging trends have a role to play.


Hyperautomation is a people centric trend where everything that can be automated will be automated to enable higher efficiency of resources and production by means of sophisticated AI-based processes including machine learning. This trend was kicked off with robotic process automation (RPA). Hyperautomation expands on RPA, and requires a combination of tools to enable replication of parts of tasks where a human is involved. By automating some functions of your organization, you free up valuable time for your employees to focus on other initiatives.

Autonomous Things

Autonomous things are what much of the population outside of the tech world think of when they hear the term “AI.” These include machines such as robots and drones that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable a greater depth and breadth of autonomous actions previously performed by humans.  The use of autonomous things in use cases such as assembly lines, transportation and service are expected to increase as this technology advances.

AI Security

AI security addresses a broad range of security issues. This includes the protection of AI-enabled autonomous things and their data. It includes the enhancement of security tools and strategies with AI technology to better protect and defend your organization. It also includes new attacks that are employing enhanced AI technology in attack strategies.

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