Imagine experiencing a simultaneous double-disk failure on your disk-storage appliance backing up your database and primary storage pools. The drive failures cause your server applications to crash, corrupt your database and cause a complete data loss of your storage pools.

That’s exactly what happened recently to one Sirius client.

Recovery from tape storage can take weeks depending on the amount of data, the number of volumes, the number of tape drives, the number of tape slots in the library, and the time it takes to retrieve the volumes from off-site vaulting.

Sirius storage experts were able to recover the entire environment in one week, recalling 50 volumes from an off-site tape vault. The client’s simultaneous double-disk failure underscores the importance of a modern disaster recovery solution—and demonstrates how important it is to partner with experts who can bring your operations back online in the least possible time.

You can learn more about this solution by reading the recent Sirius case study.

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