More data is in motion on your network than ever before. This is true for most U.S. enterprises, in every industry. BYOD, remote work, workflow apps and IoT devices—all access the network, whether at the edge or closer to the data center.

With the variety and sheer numbers of users, devices and data sources on networks, no two are alike. Most networks are now multi-node and multi-layered, and newer technologies that optimize other performance areas make it harder to secure it all.

New technologies are harder to see

Hyperconverged environments bring bare metal and virtualization together and offer the organization and the IT operations team multiple benefits, but better network visibility isn’t one of them. Traditional monitoring tools aren’t adaptable for this configuration and it’s often necessary for IT to utilize multiple tools, one to monitor appliance-based networking and one to monitor the virtual components.

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments can also cause blind spots with the use of previous-generation tools. Monitoring networks using AI tools like those used in software-defined networking (SDN) requires a tool that understands the dynamic workflow routing that AI produces to determine the best path for data flow. Overlay networks can hide underlying software and hardware issues from monitoring tools.

Why network visibility matters

Network visibility isn’t just about passive seeing; it’s also about action and control. With end-to-end visibility, you can troubleshoot problems as they occur. The ability to monitor data as it flows through the LAN, WAN and out to the edge can speed resolution of issues and improve performance. Because everyone is using the network, tracking data sources, pathways and usage improves auditing and overall security. Application performance is also improved because the right visibility lets you filter critical traffic to the right tools, at the right time, for the right users.

See what’s on your network, and secure it

The Gigamon Visibility Platform converges NetOps and SecOps with hardware and software applications that provide intelligent network traffic visibility across on-premises, virtual and cloud environments.

  • Access traffic: Reliably manage, aggregate and control your network traffic. See physical nodes, virtual nodes, network taps, and traffic aggregators.
  • Optimize traffic: Automatically extract intelligence and optimize data flow. Gather application intelligence, subscriber intelligence, and traffic intelligence.
  • Manage and automate: Easily monitor physical and virtual nodes through a single pane of glass.
  • Detect and respond: Quickly access real-time network data to accelerate threat investigation.


Why Sirius and Gigamon

As a Gigamon Catalyst Channel Program Platinum Partner, our national team of security experts is uniquely positioned to help you leverage Gigamon’s network visibility and security solutions. Our solutions and services are designed to arm you with the tactical, operational and strategic insights you need to address today’s cybersecurity challenges and align security with your business strategy.

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