For some consumers, just hearing the word “data” is enough to send shivers down their spines.

Data controversies such as the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal have made the public wary about how companies collect and use their data.

However, data doesn’t have to be creepy, and shouldn’t be.

When used securely and strategically, data can help create a better customer experience while enabling businesses to make smarter decisions.

In some cases, businesses can improve efficiency and customer service without using sensitive customer data.

For example, Sirius recently helped an organization improve their employee experience simply by analyzing badge scans and sensor data from lights and parking garages.

After using our predictive models and machine learning to review the data, the organization confidently introduced job sharing, remote jobs, hoteling space and parking consolidation, resulting in improved employee morale by offering more flexible options and a savings of $6 million annually to the company.

Already have a data solution in place? We can work on your pain points by understanding your unique challenges, and provide options that fit your company’s roadmap.

Sirius recently helped a major franchise business that had lots of useful data but was stuck in various franchise level silos, making it difficult to access and even more difficult to analyze customers across franchises. Although the company could collect great data, they still couldn’t make important business decisions quickly enough across all their franchises.

After a strategy engagement with the client, Sirius determined that the best fit for the company would be a modern data management system allowing for easy integration, scale, and flexibility. Now the company has  holistic views of its most important facts and figures, including sales, contract and payment statuses, staffing, maintenance and much more, on an easy-to-use system.

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