In today’s dog-eat-dog digital economy, enterprises have had to adopt an MO of constant innovation. How do you out-innovate the competition? Business transformation is only possible with a high-performance storage and infrastructure solution in place that can handle business-critical workloads.

PowerMax has been around a long time. Its performance is trusted. The latest iteration is capable of 10 million IOPS, 150 GB per second with 290 microsecond response times. An end-to-end NVMe solution, PowerMax can handle unpredictable workloads, support both open-system and mainframe workloads, and scale with the most types of consolidation of any system. It’s also future proof with built-in capability to accommodate the evolution of storage technology.

More PowerMax Features/Differentiators:

  • Automation that comes with simplified management
  • AI-driven predictive analytics
  • Enterprise Tier Zero capabilities
  • Supports multiple OS environments across open and mainframe systems
  • Capable of scaling up to 400+ host ports configuration
  • Scales dynamically to add engines and V-brick
  • Dynamic load rebalancing (FAST) is more granular providing better efficiency in an all-virtual storage configuration

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