Blockchain is one of the most talked-about technologies among healthcare IT professionals today because of its potential impact on continuity of care, quality of care, improvements in health revenue cycle management and much more.

Applying Blockchain to Patient Consent Management

In August 2018, Sirius embarked on an evaluation of blockchain’s application to the use case of patient consent management for a regional health system. The proof of concept (POC)—detailed in a Sirius case study and white paper—strongly indicates a good fit for interoperability in the regional health system. The POC helped Sirius’ client establish a baseline to extend to the payer and provider network over time, completing a holistic ecosystem view of the patient experience, insurance/payer requirements, and the healthcare provider landscape.

Taken into consideration were such things as current business process characteristics and pain points, as well as agnostic consideration of blockchain technologies and runtime environments. The result was an effectively developed scope for a seamless transition from the healthcare system’s existing patient consent management process to a blockchain-based solution. Click here for the case study and its linked white paper or click here to download the white paper.

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