What’s the secret to business transformation? Many would say analytics. What’s the secret to analytics? Harnessing the business value of your data. Is that a challenge? Yes, it is. And an adequate solution has been difficult to come by, until now.

“Sirius works with top strategic partners such as Dell EMC and NVIDIA to deliver integrated, high-performance solutions. Our dedicated Big Data and Analytics practice brings together deep expertise with the power of NVIDIA’s high-speed GPU DGX-1 and the robust storage architecture of Dell EMC’s Isilon, resulting in a truly holistic, future-ready deep learning solution,” says Chris Mierzwa, Chief Technology Officer at Sirius (read more here).

This is a game-changing solution built for simplified, scalable deployment of intelligent data analytics that can address massive amounts of data configurations in a timely fashion for speedier decision making and time to value. This is the AI solution your data has been waiting for.

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