What era of servers is your business running on? Can your outdated infrastructure compete in the age of digital transformation, where unprecedented data growth is driving the business economy? Or are you continuing to invest in a platform that was built ten years ago, or even more?

Decade-old servers can’t keep pace with the mechanisms propelling today’s business outcomes, like big data, virtualization, cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI. They simply weren’t built for it. If that alone isn’t motivation enough, here are five reasons to update your data center and bring your legacy application workloads into the future.

5 Reasons to Modernize Now

  1. Lower your maintenance costs and total TCO

If you are running on dated servers based on processors like IBM POWER7 or older, you have to plan for end of service and support. With the emergence of high-performance processors such as POWER9, IBM is discontinuing support for obsolete models in 2019 (POWER6 EOS on March 31; POWER7 EOS on Sept. 30). This means that maintaining older models will cost more, increasing your total cost of ownership (TCO) while perpetuating counterproductivity.

  1. Increase your processing performance

Modernizing your infrastructure doesn’t just minimize your maintenance costs, it maximizes your performance advantage. Newer servers powered by POWER9 have up to eight times the I/O bandwidth of older servers, and can support three times more memory. These models are smaller, more efficient, faster, and scalable. These performance advantages minimize your operation and maintenance costs while opening the door for business transformation, further lowering your TCO.

  1. Integrate with the cloud

From XaaS to SD-Wan, cloud technology is enabling faster, better and more cost-effective delivery of IT services. Because many of these services can only be built and accessed in the cloud, cloud-readiness is absolutely essential. Newer servers like those powered by POWER9 are optimized for private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud integration. For example, you can also take advantage of cloud workloads on IBM Cloud Private for Power, an enterprise-grade cloud for both developers and data scientists that supports Linux, AIX, iOS, Docker, and even Nutanix.

  1. Reduce security vulnerabilities

There’s no doubt about it: running your data center on old hardware leaves you at risk, especially if that hardware is no longer supported. Today’s security threats demand fundamental threat protection from the foundation up. Servers based on POWER9 processors, for example, feature built-in rigorous, multi-layer security protection throughout the stack.

  1. Enable business transformation

To compete in today’s data-driven economy, your infrastructure needs to be agile, cloud-ready and machine-learning-enabled to handle data-intensive, mission-critical workloads. Modernizing empowers you to run software more efficiently so you can accomplish tasks and processes faster, and focus more resources on identifying new revenue opportunities and actualizing business outcomes.

Stop Surviving, and Start Thriving

Want to learn more about modernizing your infrastructure? Contact a Sirius expert to get your infrastructure up to date so you can stop surviving, and start thriving.