networking data analytics illustrationThe always-on nature of today’s world has led to the need for data center solutions that are not only intelligent, scalable and secure but also capable of operating and evolving in line with the ever-changing pace of today’s digital era. As IT systems increase in complexity and size, the capacity to seamlessly adapt is crucial, and smart organizations are making moves now to ensure they can compete in the future.

Data Analytics as a Competitive Edge for Your IT Environment

The ability to leverage data stored in data centers and technological advancements in networking has made it possible for businesses to gain a better, more holistic picture of their IT environment. Using data capture analysis methods derived from big data technologies and business analytics, businesses are gaining increased transparency and intelligent control of their data center. This network visibility, along with analytical insights being extrapolated from the data housed within IT systems, is fueling not only more business, but smarter business – and forward-thinking IT leaders are using this to gain a competitive edge.

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