With today’s explosive growth of data, and the increased dependency on accurate and timely access to that data, many organizations are struggling with the complexity of cloud-based backup and recovery. Sirius recently helped Hautelook, a retail shopping website, implement a practical and accessible strategy for simple replication and recovery into AWS.

Hautelook needed a cost-effective solution for the recovery of key production virtual machines that resided in its primary data center. Due to their critical nature, the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for the applications needed to be minimized. The virtual instances were all based upon Windows running on VMware, and we identified that AWS was the best target for the recovery.

This solution would allow Hautelook to take advantage of efficiencies by not having compute and high end storage resources provisioned, except when performing tests, or in a disaster situation. This would also allow Hautelook to take advantage of existing expertise and infrastructure already supporting AWS, and we also recommended Zerto to provide the replication and automated recovery in AWS. Zerto was able to provide an easy to manage interface in order to meet Hautelook’s RTO and RPO requirements without impacting its production applications.

The project started with a proof of concept (POC) with Zerto, Sirius and Hautelook, and we used an existing Hautelook AWS account to take advantage of existing networking connectivity between Hautelook and AWS. The POC included setting up replication for a subset of the virtual machines (VM), and then initiating a test fail-over using a non-routable test network.

Sirius was able to use the documentation in the Zerto whitepaper Configuring AWS for Zerto Virtual Replication to assist Hautelook with the successful execution of a test failover to AWS instances.  Hautelook is now using Zerto to provide disaster recovery for key applications from the production data center to AWS, and meet RTO and RPO requirements while significantly reducing costs by eliminating the need to acquire disaster recovery (DR) hardware and data center space.

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