If you’ve gone down the path of a data warehouse you are likely at a crossroads. Should you move all or some of your data defined business requirements to the cloud? Enterprises of all kinds are starting to look down that road.

Before we compare and contrast the two, it’s important to understand the benefits of a successfully deployed data warehouse, according to Snowflake.

With a data warehouse, you ask and find answers to questions such as:

  • What’s the revenue?
  • Who’s buying?
  • What’s the profile of customers?
  • What pages did they visit on our website?
  • What caught their attention?
  • Which customers are buying which products?

The On-Premises Route

Many of the data warehouses that are deployed today, were 80s prodigies, and with that built for on-premises data centers. But this type of solution, according to Snowflake, “can’t elastically scale up, down, or suspend as needed to meet the continuously varying demands of today’s enterprises.” To the data analyst or scientist, this means that on-premises solutions require more attention, which results in fewer hours being spent on more strategic business projects.

The Cloud Route

This road solves the elastically to scale problem and instantly supports users and workloads, all the while gathering more data from a multitude of data sources. Read the full article to learn more about the benefits of a cloud data warehouse solution.

Is cloud data warehousing right for your business?

This depends on your goals and your environment. If you’re at a crossroads and looking to explore your options, our team of experts can help you determine what makes sense for your organization by evaluating your current environment and considering your business objectives. Contact us to learn more.