SD-Wan illustrationThe continued widespread adoption of cloud-based technologies and services is allowing businesses and organizations to move, grow and evolve with an unprecedented quickness. And with SD-WAN, we finally have networking architectures designed to keep up.

Software defined WAN (SD-WAN) enables management of your network and security through a single console across the cloud edge.  It does this by distributing WAN traffic across multiple transport technologies (Internet, MPLS, 4G, etc.), increasing your available bandwidth, decreasing lag and improving performance and agility. Its scalability, simplified deployment, and optimized resource provisioning ensure the highest level of performance for critical applications, while lowering operational and deployment costs.

Seamless SD-WAN Security

With simultaneous connections between the data center, branches and multiple cloud platforms, security is of the utmost concern. And while SD-WAN may enable management of your network and security through a single console, what if WAN management and security could be even more unified?

SD-WAN solutions generally come in a two-box package. This package includes a device for running and managing security, since most SD-WAN devices are not robust enough to integrate the adequate security necessary to manage so many connections across a network. Needless to say, the requirement of an added security device bumps up the cost of this solution and its operation. It also adds complexity to deployment and management across branches.

But wait…SD-WAN solutions are supposed to make everything easier, safer and more agile. Aren’t they?  Gartner suggests that your SD-WAN should embody “a simplified way of deploying and managing the WAN edge.” The arrival of SD-WAN was long and much anticipated. Now that it’s here, it is no surprise that solution providers are quickly leveling up to unify SD-WAN management and security more seamlessly.

Integrated WAN Edge Solution Stacks

Partnered with the world’s top networking hardware and software companies, Sirius prioritizes your security needs. Our experts can fill you in on the latest SD-WAN solution stacks that are integrating enterprise firewall, intrusion prevention and URL filtering capabilities with centralized control for both network and security management. This means a smaller footprint and lower cost of solution infrastructure, plus less resource-intensive deployment and operation.

Want to learn more about how you can optimize your network and associated costs with a security enabled SD-WAN solution? Contact a Sirius representative.