Sirius Managed Security Services (MSS) focus on the prevention, detection and recovery processes clients need to help protect their company’s valuable information assets and infrastructure. We can assist with the advancement of security and the optimization of overall IT risk management strategies in order to protect data, intellectual property and brand.

Keeping with that mantra, Sirius is proud to announce the launch of its second Security Operations Center (SOC) in Omaha, Nebraska. Sirius’ flagship SOC, located in Mississauga (Toronto), has been providing state of the art IT capabilities for employees, clients and partners since 2008. The Omaha SOC officially opened its doors on December 4, and is a fully functioning, independent location, tightly integrated with the Mississauga facility. This additional SOC location allows Sirius to further expand its support capabilities and geographic footprint with a localized venue of U.S.-based resources for clients.

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