“Transformation” is a buzzword in the IT industry today.

But what does transformation really mean and, more specifically, what does transformation mean for your business? The rush to incorporate new technologies won’t serve your business well unless you have a well-defined mission statement with a solid business case before you begin.

Business transformation is not a roadmap that your business will follow, step by step, milestone after milestone, until you reach a destination or end-goal called “digital transformation.” A final destination does not exist—transformation is more like an on-going charter—you set out with well-reasoned and well-supported intentions (a strong business case and buy-in from the C-suite) for your business to venture into the future. The unexpected will occur, but your business will learn from it. It may change course, take a route you might not have anticipated, but the transformation mission will remain a solid mandate and act as a golden compass to steer the ship.

We have helped dozens of clients from every sector of industry embark on their transformation journey and each one is different. Read more on six guidelines for crafting your charter for business transformation.