In the digital era, students, teachers and institutions expect convenient, reliable access to educational resources. To make sure its clients can access the resources they need, Sirius client Follett Higher Education accelerated the performance of the applications powering its services by deploying ultra-fast flash storage in a hybrid cloud environment with the help of Sirius and IBM.

With more and more teachers and educational institutions leveraging online resources to support students’ learning, providers of educational products and services, such as Follett, are competing to meet growing demands for efficient, convenient services. If retailers of educational resources are to satisfy these customer expectations, they must ensure that they are equipped with storage technologies that can process the rising volumes of data required to support highly responsive, data-driven applications.

Read this IBM case study and learn how Follett overcame its challenges with the help from Sirius and IBM.

Of all the critical elements of a complete data center strategy, nothing is more dynamic than storage, and the resources — human, hardware and software — needed to manage it. At Sirius, we help organizations become more secure, innovative and agile by providing world-class solutions built on leading technologies, delivered by the brightest minds in the business. With a relentless focus on business outcomes, and the right people and partners in place, we help our clients cut costs, increase reliability, ease the burden of management, maximize flexibility, mitigate risk, and improve overall service to the business.

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