IBM Webinar Sirius has a dedicated team of experts that are leaders in the industry, as well as integration of Z hardware, software and storage to suit our client’s needs. The team has hosted a webinar series over the last couple months that showcases this expertise and featuring the latest industry topics that relate to IBM Z®.


If you missed out on the webinars, don’t fret! Check them out on demand here.

#1: Outsmart Enhanced Mainframe Security and Compliance Threats

Topic: Security | Speakers: Larry Becker (Sirius intro), Julie Bergh (IBM)

Watch the recording here.

#2: Unlocking Data to Gain Powerful Insight with IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator

Topic: Analytics-Virtual IDAA | Speakers: Brian Bradford (Sirius intro), Thomas Ramey (IBM)

Watch the recording here.

#3: Disrupt the Competition and Increase your Revenue — Apply Machine Learning to your Enterprise Data

Topic: Analytics – Machine Learning – z/OS and DSX | Speakers: Brian Bradford, Jerry Miastkowski (Sirius intro), Thomas Ramey (IBM)

Recording unavailable. Click for presentation.

#4: Intelligent Z Operations

Topic: Analytics – Operational Analytics | Speaker: Ed Boulay

Watch the recording here.

#5: Blockchain for Business: Trusted Transactions for the Enterprise

Topic: Blockchain | Speakers: Jerry Miastkowski, Clyde Floyd (Sirius)

Watch the recording here.

#6: Develop and Deliver at Speed with IBM Z DevOps

Topic: DevOps | Speaker: Brian Bradford (Sirius intro), David Bean (IBM)

Watch the recording here.

#7: Supporting Modern Application Languages, Protocols and Containers on IBM Z

Topic: Language Currency | Speaker: Kevin Gates (Sirius)

Recording unavailable. Click for presentation.

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