The Art of the DevOps Possible graphicIs your organization or team looking to improve business results by applying and adopting a DevOps culture and practices that develop, deliver, and operate software faster and with higher quality?

We recently sat down with four of Sirius’ brightest DevOps minds to uncover and break down the complexities and organizational challenges that many of our clients face when implementing a DevOps solution. You will hear their tips and tricks to reaching DevOps nirvana.

Key takeaways:

  • Lean agile best practices and why culture plays a huge factor in its success
  • How to address metrics/reporting requests to prove success
  • Why a CI/CD pipeline may or may not be the backbone of the DevOps strategy
  • Uncovering DevSecOps and how it’s going to develop the future of DevOps
  • The next best thing in DevOps and what to expect in 2019