Boys Town logo for Sirius Case StudyBoys Town, a 101-year-old service organization supporting at-risk families across the United States, was challenged with two different core network infrastructures in its two data centers. Incompatibilities between the two limited the functionality of the Boys Town network, as well as its ability to extend services and grow the organization.

The Boys Town network supports two hospitals, six remote clinics, a credit union, and more than 60 national affiliate residential homes in 12 states, including its original location in the incorporated village of Boys Town, a suburb of Omaha, NE. It also supports a school system and the Boys Town village’s own police and fire departments, effectively making it a service provider with a national reach. Supporting all this is an IT and networking group.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how Sirius helped Boys Town implement a completely new network infrastructure based on Cisco ACI technology. For even more details on this solution, download the Sirius case study on Boys Town.

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