Where are you on the path to digital transformation? Perhaps you’re just starting to build a transformation plan, or maybe you already have a grip on what you want to accomplish but don’t know where to start.

The foundation of any successful enterprise is to become and remain a trusted organization or brand. And a good place to start is with a comprehensive security plan.

How do you accomplish that? Start by identifying security areas that may require attention, and prioritize where to focus potential changes or enhancements. For example, before you implement an IoT initiative, you need to ensure that your systems and platforms are secure. Gartner estimates that by 2020, 20 billion devices will utilize IoT. Now imagine the amount of data that IoT generates, and having to store all of that data. To think about it from a consumer perspective, imagine if your home cameras or voice recognition devices were hacked. Attackers could conceivably watch you in your home and hear your conversations.

Another example of needing a sound security strategy is if your company has implemented chatbots. Chatbots are great for automating common service requests, and can save significant time and money for your organization. But if your chatbot program were hacked, the private data stored in the application would also be vulnerable.

So before you go down the path of digital transformation, it’s important to lay the foundations for success and ensure that your security plan covers all aspects of your business. Include your security team in digital transformation discussions so they can provide their perspective to make sure that your transformation strategy is secure and your brand remains a trusted one.

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