America First Credit Union (AFCU), one of the largest credit unions in the nation, needed to update its marketing software because it was out of date, which made it increasingly difficult for its digital marketing team to do its job.

With the guidance of FiveOut, a Sirius agency, AFCU’s Digital Marketing group found an opportunity to replace an aging and inefficient system, and improve its targeted marketing efforts, member experience and analytics.

Implementing an Adobe Experience Cloud-based marketing solution has enabled AFCU to transform its entire marketing platform using an integrated solution that automates processes, allows advanced analytics, and provides highly targeted marketing services for its members.

Implementing the new platform also provided opportunities that extend beyond the AFCU Digital Marketing group. For example, a new data warehouse project was being launched at the same time as the Adobe Experience Cloud project. Since AFCU is building its Adobe Experience Cloud solution to mine and analyze data throughout the organization, the Digital Marketing group has been able to play a role in data architecting for that project as well.

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