Acuity, a Wisconsin-based insurance provider, needed to improve its development process, as its legacy applications had evolved into a siloed infrastructure that was dramatically inhibiting its ability to respond to business needs.

Acuity is a $1.5 billion personal and business insurance provider operating in 26 states. Its former application development process and tools required the complete rearchitecting of apps — or writing them from scratch — every time a new need arose, which made the process lengthy and tied up Acuity technical resources. With the help of Sirius application development architects, Acuity transformed its application development process by leveraging a solution employing APIs and service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The transformation has helped accelerate innovation and development of new products and services, thereby supporting the company’s business outcomes in a fiercely competitive market. Expanding into new markets and developing new products and services takes place faster and is more personalized. Customer service has improved dramatically as well. Tom Braun, General Manager of Information Systems at Acuity, uses the perfect analogy to describe the new solution. “Basically, we’ve built a whole bunch of Lego blocks, so when somebody wants a new application, we just go into our box and quickly snap something together rather than building something from the ground up, like we used to.”

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