Digital transformation has completely altered the landscape of business today-and that includes the business of education. Digital learning is making the modern-day campus increasingly connected, giving administrators, educators and students the power to collaborate and learn in groundbreaking fashion. That’s why IT leaders in education are racing to develop and implement strategies that can digitize campuses while providing continuous threat protection and staying within their budgets.

Intent-Based Networking Systems (IBNS) represent a new era of networking that can help organizations design, implement and operate a future-proof network that provides agility, flexibility, innovation and security. IBNS lets you tell your network what you want rather than what to do in order to accomplish an objective. The technology combines AI, machine learning and data analytics to automate tasks and create a self-managing network.

Leading the charge to IBNS technology is Cisco with its Digital Network Architecture for Education, a software-driven, cloud-enabled approach that makes network management less complex, faster, and more flexible. Cisco DNA allows for faster problem solving, improved operational efficiency, and a reduced risk of downtime, allowing IT leaders to focus more on business innovation. Watch this short video to learn more about Cisco DNA for Education.

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