Businesses today are collecting more data than ever before as a result of the “data flood” caused by the Internet of Things (IoT), social media, cell phones and email. All that collected data is stored in databases that must be properly managed, accessed, tracked and protected, adding to the already heavy workload of IT staff and database administrators (DBAs) and overwhelming their database project schedules.
The three most common challenges facing IT and DBAs are:

  1. Increasing complexity: The evolving nature of databases makes it difficult to assess and select any one solution.
  2. Data security: While it’s always been a top priority for DBAs, security is becoming even more critical due to the increased amounts of sensitive data being collected, industry and government regulations regarding its protection, and its direct effect on IT workload.
  3. Scalability: Constant change means constantly updating software, applying patches, upgrading machines and adding new hardware—all of which can affect, and possibly limit, scalability and the ease at which an organization can expand and contract IT environments to meet business demands.

Previous efforts to properly manage increasingly complex data center architectures included disparate tools with little synergy and lengthy deployments. IT personnel have siloed their attempts to address issues, attacking problems with one tool at a time instead of focusing on an on a comprehensive solution.

The key to success in managing the “data flood” is automation. In order to meet increasing demands and manage those complex architectures, IT administrators need an integrated solution that streamlines configuration, deployment and provisioning of an environment’s software, server, storage and networking components, freeing up resources to focus on security, and ensuring standardization and compliance.

Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (MAS) software on IBM Power Systems is an all in-one solution that can help transform your IT environment and overcome your most difficult IT challenges. Vendita MAS addresses the top issues that DBAs face by automating the creation of a pre-provisioned, on-premise private cloud that–beyond its deployment–will standardize, catalog and automate custom IT operations, thereby reducing workloads for DBAs and systems administrators.

Vendita MAS integrates Oracle Database maintenance, upgrade, patching and deployment best practices, significantly reducing deployment time and complexity issues. The software’s automation capabilities can be extended to take advantage of an organization’s existing processes and scripts, allowing for version control and cataloging, security and standardization. This creates a well tuned system that allows for maximum uptime to run mission-critical database workloads.

Vendita MAS is supported on POWER7, POWER8 and the newest POWER9 processors. Additionally, Vendita MAS is compatible with open-source databases on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including MongoDB, MariaDB, Neo4j, and Postgres SQL.

Overall, using Vendita MAS speeds up your Oracle and open-source database projects, reduces workloads for your DBAs and System Administrators, and lowers TCO.
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