Are You Ready for a Next-Generation Data Strategy?

Are you harnessing the power of big data? Successful organizations require high-performance data capabilities to reduce the cost of stockpiling multi-structured data, and to improve computation for strategic analytics assets.

The Sirius Data & Analytics practice designed a mini-workshop series to help clients understand the extraordinary benefits of IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS).

Join Sirius and IBM on a four-session journey as we explore these topics:

  • What is the Common SQL Engine (CSE)?
  • Horizontal Scaling – Elasticity and parallel joining features
  • Columnar Tables – Mix and match only the data you want to analyze
  • Solid-State Drives – As your data gets larger, you can remain in control

Click here to watch the videos.

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About the Author:

Laura Clark is a Senior Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius.