Constantly changing IT assets can make it difficult for businesses to keep track of all their hardware and software maintenance contracts. Do you know how many contracts you have and which ones may be about to expire?

A truly resilient maintenance solution allows you to track and manage your hardware and software coverage, across multiple manufacturers. Unfortunately, without the proper maintenance oversight, businesses run the risk of paying for maintenance on equipment out of productive use, overlooking the most cost-effective contracts to maintain installed equipment, contractual coverage not matching perceived coverage, and equipment falling off of warranty.

Sirius can support your IT infrastructure through comprehensive IT maintenance services for all hardware and software contracts. These services provide you with greater insight and flexibility to increase your ability to control assets and contracts more efficiently, while lowering overall costs.

The Benefits of Sirius Maintenance Services Include:

  1. Contract consolidation for ease of management
  2. Cost savings through effective contract management
  3. Accurate ongoing inventory and software license management
  4. Dynamic inventory reconciliation and credit
  5. Web-enabled inventory and contract information
  6. Warranty management
  7. Flexible contract management
  8. Multivendor support
  9. Multi-year financing solutions across multiple OEM maintenance providers are available

Looking for a SMART way to maintain your technology investments? Get Smart. Sirius Maintenance and Renewal Tracking (SMART) is a propriety online maintenance asset management portal that allows you to track and manage your inventory and contracts online via secure login across multiple manufacturers. Once registered, you will be able to quickly review your hardware and software at the contract or serial number level. This provides a single view of all your strategic IT infrastructure hardware and software support contracts. You have immediate access to expiration dates, service levels and warranty details.

Sirius provides a continuum of support services paired with the SMART portal to help meet your organization’s specialized needs. Connect with a Sirius Maintenance expert to get started.