When IT assets change frequently, it can make managing multivendor hardware and software contracts a huge challenge. Sirius Maintenance Services uses a methodology that includes people, processes and technology to simplify that challenge. Sirius also gives you a single point of contact, and a reliable repository for your critical business data.

Sirius Maintenance Services let you:

  1. Reduce risk and cost: Sirius uses a proven methodology that improves productivity and increases efficiency, all while reducing costs through contract consolidation.
  2. Streamline with the SMART Portal: Sirius’ exclusive SMART (Sirius Maintenance and Renewal Tracking) portal allows you to track and manage your inventory and agreements online via secure login. Once registered, you will be able to quickly review your hardware and software at the contract or serial number level.
  3. Maintenance Services support: Sirius’ team helps support your IT infrastructure through comprehensive IT contract management that provides you with greater insight and flexibility.

Get into the Groove

Now, you can take a musical walk down memory lane that actually leads right into modern day with IBM multivendor support and services from Sirius. Tune after tune, time after time, get more play and more years from your legacy systems. Click here to learn more about Sirius Maintenance Services, and you could win a USB turntable or a Bluetooth speaker!

Contact us today to discuss your options and how Sirius Maintenance Services can help.