Digital transformation is among us. Is your organization a disruptor? Those among the disruptors are in the driver’s seat of innovation, giving their companies a leg up on the competition and improving their financial performance.

But what’s driving their disruptions? Data is a key factor in digital transformation success. Having valuable, actionable data gives organizations leverage for planning for the future. According to Informatica’s Artificial Intelligence for Data-Driven Disruption white paper, “Your digital strategy will be only as effective as the data that informs it.”

The paper goes on by mentioning another technique to help organizations make predictions or decisions to form their digital strategy. “Machine learning is a technique where programs iteratively learn from data instead of being static. Machine learning systems are used to build an input-based model that can be used to make predictions or decisions. These systems learn from the data and can adjust themselves accordingly to produce better results. The more data they have, the faster they learn and the more accurate their results.”

Download the Informatica white paper to read about how machine learning is helping companies manage their data using tools that make intelligent recommendations and automate many data management tasks.

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