As we all know, there is more than one approach to a successful content management system (CMS). There’s a trending term called “headless CMS.”

What does it mean?
A headless CMS allows you to manage and reuse digital content from a single repository and publish to the Web, mobile apps, and single-page applications. But there are challenges that can come with the headless-only CMS approach.

According to Adobe, deploying a CMS solution limited by headless architecture can lead to several roadblocks for IT and business users:

  • Siloed development and marketing flexibility
  • Slower campaign time-to-market
  • Heavy IT dependence
  • Inability to easily optimize and measure performance

The Best of Both Worlds
However, a hybrid approach can help you overcome the challenges of a headless-only CMS strategy. A hybrid strategy combines the flexibility of a headless publishing environment with the efficiency of channel-centric content authoring, giving your customers a true omni-channel experience.

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