Constantly changing IT assets can make it very difficult for businesses to keep track of all their hardware and software maintenance contracts. Do you know how many contracts you have at any given time and which ones may be about to expire? Unfortunately, if your business doesn’t have the proper maintenance oversight, you run the risk of:

1. Equipment falling off of warranty
2. Paying for maintenance on equipment out of productive use
3. Contractual coverage not matching perceived coverage
4. Overlooking the most cost-effective contracts to maintain installed equipment

Sirius will support your IT infrastructure through comprehensive IT maintenance services for all hardware and software contracts. These services provide you with greater insight and flexibility. The Sirius maintenance team uses a proven methodology that improves productivity and increases efficiency, while reducing overall costs. Services include:

Acquisition Advisory Services: Helping you identify the lowest cost structure of project funding from multiple lending sources tailored to your specific needs. This consultative service will provide you with return on investment (ROI), total cost of ownership (TCO), and lease-versus-purchase models and metrics to assist in project justification.

IT Asset Management Services: Are you having difficulty keeping track of when hardware maintenance or software licenses are set to expire? Do you have challenges maintaining coverage in order to avoid lapses and after-license fees? Sirius IT Asset Management Services reduce these management headaches and never-ending paper chases.

Systems Management Services: These services are designed to manage your infrastructure from your existing data center or from a Sirius-provided data center, for all hardware platforms and operating systems that Sirius supports.

Endpoint Management Services: Sirius Endpoint Management Entry Edition helps you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management by combining endpoint and security management into a single solution that enables your team to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints — servers, desktops, roaming laptops, smartphones and tablets, including iPhones and iPads.

Physical Infrastructure Maintenance & Support Services: To ensure your critical IT facility continues to operate at optimum levels, Sirius Physical Infrastructure Maintenance and Support Services can address your needs.

Make contract management more streamlined and efficient. Connect with a Sirius Maintenance expert to get started.