Key Considerations for Cisco Hosted Voice

On the face of it, moving to a hosted Cisco voice environment seems like an attractive way to free internal IT staff from non-strategic, time-consuming tasks associated with managing voice operations internally. The notion makes a lot of sense on the face of it with today’s heightened pressure on IT to play a more strategic role in growing the business. Today it is getting harder and harder for IT leaders to justify keeping voice management as a wholly internal responsibility.

With that said when considering hosted voice, IT leaders should also consider the associated drawbacks. For example, hosting voice can present disruption to the end users. It oftentimes requires purchasing new headsets across an organization, employee training, and re-drawing complex data center and circuits contracts. Most importantly, it also requires the purchase of new hosting licenses.

One compromise solution Sirius offers is keeping your Cisco voice environment on premise, but having Sirius Managed Services manage it for you. With this option you can seemingly have it all. For example, you get to:

  • Keep all existing phones, hardware, and software within the cluster
  • Spread major upgrade costs across the term of your contract
  • Maintain your control with administrative access to the cluster
  • Avoid the need to re-create your database on a new cluster
  • Add phones as usual, at your pace
  • Avoid changes to your dial plan and circuits
  • Let Sirius handle the MACD (Move Add Change Delete) orders
  • Enjoy state-of-the-art ticketing integration with Sirius
  • Avoid user base disruption common to a move to hosting and new licensing fees
  • Enjoy flexible contract terms if business changes occur
  • Know your taken care of with an SLA-guaranteed service

Sirius is a national leader in managed services and cloud solutions with a history of success supporting systems and applications in both client-based and Sirius’ own data center. We help clients achieve their business goals by giving them the freedom to focus on what’s strategic as we manage their IT infrastructure at the highest levels of excellence. Click here to learn more or visit Sirius’ Managed Services page on Contact us today to schedule this important discussion.

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