Are you leveraging software development automation like testing and build/release/deploy, or are you doing those things manually?

In an article written by Carla Rudder with The Enterprisers Project, IT leaders should be aware of as they take their DevOps efforts into the new year. She outlined five DevOps leadership priorities in 2018. These are my top three:

  1. Developing transformational leadership skills
    There is a need for leaders who are ready to change and take risks to help create the culture and environment necessary for DevOps to thrive.
  2. Improving your ability to learn from mistakes
    Be willing to dig deep in figuring out what went wrong and what good things prevented slip-ups from getting worse. That’s how you can achieve a better shared understanding and move toward success in the future.
  3. Growing your own talent
    DevOps leaders should focus on growing talent from within rather than just looking elsewhere for DevOps skills, which is why employee retention is key.

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