Today, mobility is key for a successful business, and you must make sure your mobile applications deliver on customer needs. As companies implement their digital transformation plans, the mobile user becomes increasingly important—and for some industries, critically vital. Our clients need tools that provide a complete, end-to-end picture, and that starts with the mobile device.

To do this efficiently, you may have to combat a number of different application issues. Two typical challenges that are commonly seen include:

  • Speed: If your application or network is slow, your customers will not use it. People can be impatient when it comes to this type of performance, and expect apps to open and work almost instantly. Having a good API can help this issue by increasing speed and response time.
  • Stability: Users rarely try an app more than once or twice if it crashes. You’ll need to monitor the app’s use, the possible issues causing the crash, and how many users it may affect. This will provide the building blocks for planning a solution.

Sirius partner, AppDynamics, offers an application monitoring system that helps our clients increase business and improve customer experiences with real-time data from applications. Together, Sirius and AppDynamics can monitor complex application issues and other metrics to ensure your system is working at peak efficiency, and to address any problems head on.

These issues and more are discussed in greater depth in the informative article, “3 Mobile App Performance Issues You Can’t Ignore,” by AppDynamics’ Brenda Barron. Click here to read the article.

For more information about Sirius solutions for mobile app development, visit our Digital Transformation page. To learn more about how Sirius and AppDynamics will benefit your business, contact us.