Digital technologies have transformed the landscape of customer engagement, commerce, marketing and more, in ways that are now changing how cities are governed. The transition to a digital-driven community is not only helping improve revenue efficiencies for cities, but also equipping them with smart innovations to better serve residents. Moreover, residents are reaping a variety of benefits—from improved parking and traffic to shortened emergency response times—thanks to innovations in IoT.

Getting digital investment right

The public infrastructure is any city’s most powerful tool in creating a place where people want to live. If you’re thinking about ways to improve operations for your community, there are three critical components to consider:

  • Modernized municipal broadband and Wi-Fi networks
  • An effective cybersecurity strategy
  • An investment plan that allows you to reinvest the savings or revenue generated by each project into the next one

Investing in a digital infrastructure requires city leaders to identify what generates the most value for their area. The more you connect and build on existing benefits, the greater your benefits. To find out more about investing in a digital city, read this new white paper from Cisco.

Cisco has developed a framework to help cities tap into digital innovation with its Smart+ Connected Digital Platform. The application-enabled platform turns data into actionable insights to improve communities.

Build a smarter city

Sirius provides a full-service IoT program comprising planning, software integration, infrastructure integration, monitoring and sensor development. Sirius’ teams of highly certified consultants and architects can build reliable, scalable and cost-effective networking infrastructure to fit any organization.

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