You may have seen that Sirius spun off our digital agency, FiveOut, earlier this year. A practice that’s now nine years old, FiveOut is expanding our digital and marketing capabilities, and combined with our technical expertise, lets Sirius offer our clients the best, broadest range of business solutions. Here are a couple of recent success stories about how FiveOut has helped our clients.

No More Playing Around
A national toy company noticed that their online sales numbers were dropping dramatically. Once FiveOut and Sirius got involved, our team quickly identified several challenges, and found a way to overcome them. The first problem was that the customer experience—how users interact with the website—was subpar, and the technology platform it was housed on was extremely outdated. The Sirius and FiveOut teams developed a strategy and roadmap to solve these issues; in fact, our experts were able to create a whole new website and experience within only seven months! Our team utilized its IBM WebSphere expertise, as well as responsive Web design capabilities, to create an in-house eCommerce site for our client to boost their results. A few of the FiveOut and Sirius team competencies that were utilized in this success story included:

  • Digital Strategy and Design
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Global Delivery

Search and You Will Find
A national retailer’s eCommerce site had multiple challenges that included poor search capabilities, low conversion rates, and more. These, along with an increased demand on a mobile channel that was unsupportable, made it difficult for the company to have meaningful interactions with customers and provide them with a good experience. The FiveOut team addressed these challenges by utilizing Adobe Experience Manager and IBM solutions to give the company’s digital face a makeover. They redesigned the site, developed better search optimization, and relaunched the mobile app without the screen scrapers. By combining two major technologies that the team has deep expertise with, we were able to help the client increase their customer visibility and responsiveness, and ultimately enabled a personalized experience across channels that has significantly increased conversions on Web and mobile. A few of the FiveOut and Sirius team competencies that were utilized in this success story included:

  • Digital Experience Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Mobile Enterprise

If you’re interested in learning more about FiveOut and how we can help your business succeed, visit the FiveOut site or click here to contact FiveOut.