So, your systems are aging and it’s time to make data center upgrades. You have the option to “rip and replace,” but this process can disrupt application availability and productivity. When it comes to making upgrades, whether physical replacements or data migrations, traditional enterprise storage solutions can be limiting in terms of having the ability to incorporate newer storage technologies. And delayed infrastructure rollouts can affect your organization’s bottom line. Because of these complexities, IT leaders need to find new ways to optimize workloads and deliver secure content. Here are four key components to transforming your data center:

  1. Streamlined Management:

Choose technology that supports single, integrated architectures and offers management from a central place. This type of architecture helps reduce risk while lowering IT costs.

  1. Next-Gen Scalability:

Dynamic scalability without downtime is crucial. You need the ability to scale freely with the same management tools, same operational model, and same underlying systems, whether the deployment is small or large.

  1. Simplified Upgrade Process:

As your organization continues to grow, so will your data and the need for more applications to support your data center. Investing in a storage maintenance program helps you avoid re-purchasing terabytes of storage.

  1. Technology Built for Cloud:

Digital transformation is driving new markets and forcing IT to be more responsive than ever. Choosing a system that has built-in cloud capabilities and easy integrated automation gives your IT team flexibility. Integrated automation frees administrators to focus on application and service delivery.

Sirius partners Pure Storage and Cisco have developed FlashStack, a converged solution that addresses challenges such as legacy storage, aging, complex storage infrastructures and performance latencies. The innovative platform combines the latest in computing, network, storage components into a single, integrated architecture. FlashStack fully supports mission-critical enterprise applications and provides a robust infrastructure for cloud services. You can learn more about FlashStack here. 

Sirius is a national leader in the design and implementation of converged infrastructure solutions. Our dedicated CI practice is made up of experts with 500-plus technical CI certifications. Ready to transform your data center? Connect with a Sirius expert today!