Today, you’re probably seeing the words “digital transformation” everywhere. But what is it, and how do you get there?

Digital transformation is an application of digital technology, or a program of digital initiatives, that will impact and transform an organization. It focuses on business outcomes, specifically customer experiences and levels of innovation. To see the top three reasons why digital transformation is important, check out our recent blog post on the topic.

Every organization can discover new business models and generate additional revenue streams by transforming to a digital business. At Sirius, we view digital transformation as a journey that never really ends, and your organization may demonstrate varying levels of maturity on this journey. To help you identify where your business is currently, our experts use the Sirius Digital Maturity Model, which will also show where you can advance your digital transformation to reach your vision.

The model identifies four stages of digital maturity:

Stage Zero: Pre-Execution
Ensures that leaders from various departments have a common understanding of the aligned strategies, and are leveraging digital technology to work toward common goals to serve customers.

Stage One: Online Sales and Marketing
Reviews whether you have the right digital platforms to help grow your customer base and improve interactions. We consider commerce, digital content management, social monitoring, analytics and more as the initial investments of this stage.

Stage Two: Omni-Channel Experience
Includes a mobile-first design mentality, consistency of products and promotions, more personalized company interactions, and a detailed view of the customer.

Stage Three: Becoming a Thriving Digital Business
Focuses on digital as the core of your business. Organizations in this stage are moving beyond designing a mobile experience, to creating a connected experience. The connected experience is about designing a consistent and seamless customer journey across all company interactions.

Contact us to find out where your organization is on the Sirius Digital Maturity Model, and how we can help you grow.