According to 24/7 Wall Street’s recent article, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) reported that data breaches are currently pacing 30% higher than 2016.

ITRC has been tracking data breaches since 2005, and since then they’ve counted 7,656 breaches through June 20, 2017, involving nearly 900 million records.

Remain two steps in front of cybercriminals with these helpful hints.

Analyze your data – Analytics enables IT to automatically discover sensitive data and uncover risks so they can make the best decisions for your organization.

Protect your data – You can start with compliance and put only basic controls into place. Then your organization can go beyond compliance in order to prevent attacks like the recent ones, Petya and WannaCry.

Addressing data security should be an evolving process and you must be able to adapt to a constantly-changing landscape. Learn how Sirius and IBM can help you improve your defenses against cybercriminals. Join us for our Data Security Webinar on August 17 to learn how you can:

  • Uncover risks to sensitive data and readily adapt to changes in your data environment
  • Monitor and audit all data activity—for all data platforms and protocols.
  • Enforce security policies in real time—for all data access, change control and user activities.
  • Create a centralized normalized repository of audit data—for enterprise compliance, reporting and forensics.
  • Support heterogeneous data environments—all leading databases, data warehouses, files applications and operating systems, including big data environments (Hadoop and NoSQL).

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Source: 24/7 Wall Street